St. Norbert Priory, Quilon

St_Norbert_Priory_KollamThe first 3 Norbertine Missionaries arrived in Nelloor (A.P.) on Oct, 26th1923 from the Abbey of Berne, Holland. Late Bp. Benzigar invited the Norbertines to the Quilon Diocese in 1929. Fr.Bazelman O. Praem spent a week in the diocese, seeking for a Mission region. The understanding was to take up the region of Kottar. This move was deferred due to some reasons. In the same year, by a Bull from the Holy See, the Norbertines were told to move to Jabalpur Region. The Norbertines were once again invited to the diocese by the late Bp. Jerome Fernandez in 1974. Fr. Charles O. Praem, a native of the diocese arrived in Pathanapuram in 1974. Frs. Peter and Pratap joined the team on Dec.25th 1975.With a view to work as a community, Frs. Pratap and Peter took up Mangad -Kandachira on Feb.16th 1976.As these two parishes were not congenial to work for a community, they shifted to St. John the Baptist church, Eravipuram on 27th Aug.1977.A plot of land at Ayathil was offered to the Norbertines to establish a community on 24th Aug.1977 and a permanent contract of the Eravipuram parish was signed by the Abbot’s Delegate Rev. Nicholas Ambrose O. Praem and Rt. Rev. Joseph Fernandez on oct.1979 abrogating the earlier contract that was made with Rt. Rev. Abbot Marcel van de van, then the Abbot of Berne, Holland.

The Norbertine Fathers of Kerala, live in 4 micro communities namely, Eravipupram, Ayathil, Aluwye and Kallamkulam, Trichur. Every community follows the common prayer, common meals and common recreations. Kallamkulam is a Retreat House. Away from the madding crowed, serenity is its very nature.

The Eravipuram Community Development Centre (E.C.D.C., a social work organization was registered in 1980. It’s aim is the integral development of the people of Eravipuram. The various activities of this organization includes Vocational Training for the Fishermen youth, Books and uniforms for the poor children, sponsorship of students, running Nurseries for the poor children, Relief works, Housing projects, other conscientization and developmental activities in collaboration with Govt. agencies and NGO’s. We are greatly indebted to the Missieprocuur team of the Abbey of Berne for the social funding.


After completing the due process and Canonical requirements as per the Constitution 133 & 287, the Kollam Dependent Priory is elevated to the status of Quasi Canonry by his reverence Abbot General Thomas Handgratinger, O.Praem with the consent of the Order’s Definitors on 01-01-2014. From now on, the Kollam Priory will be known as the “Quasi Canonry of Kollam”. The Quasi Canonry will now enjoy nearly all powers and will have its own Novitiate and other Formation programs. 

It was officially declared as Quasi Canonry by Abbot Benzes Thomas, O.Praem on 14th February 2014 at Ayathil in the presence of many Priests, religious and faithful. As per the constitutional norm the following Confreres were appointed, elected and nominated to their respective offices in the House Chapter of the Quasi Canonry of Kollam.

Fr. Benny Jacob Panackal, O.Praem
Superior Delegate (Appointed)
Fr. Joshy Augustine, O.Praem
Council Member (Elected)
Fr. Jaison John Chatholil, O.Praem
Council Member (Nominated)

We wish them all success and pray for their growth.


  1. St. John the Baptist Church, Eravipuram P.O, Kollam 691011
  2. St. Michael’s Church, Thani, Mayanad P.O, Kollam
  3. Our Lady of Perpetual Succor Church, Kakathope, Eravipuram P.O, Kollam 691011
  4. Vishwa Rani Church, Ayathil P.O, Kollam 691017
  5. St. Jude Church, Kurumandal, Paravur P.O, Kolllam
  6. St. Teresa of Little Flower Church, Kalakode, Paravur P.O, Kollam  

Children’s Home

  1. Snehakoodu, Kunnumpuram, Old exchange, Alwaye 683 101, Kerala

Retreat Home

  1. St. Norbert Retreat Centre, Norbertine Fathers, Kallamkulam, Chelakode P.O, Pazhayannur, Trichur, 580 584, Kerala.

Social Work Centre

  1. E.C.D.C (Eravipuram Community development Centre), St. John the Baptist Church, Eravipuram, Kollam 691011

Formation House

  1. St. Norbert Ashram, Ayathil P.O, Kollam 691011

  • 10/April
    Rev. Fr. Sabu Thomas O.Praem
  • 18/April
    Rev. Fr. Binod Bage O.Praem
  • 19/April
    Bro. Sylvanus Bur
  • 21/April
    Rev. Fr. Bartholomew Minj O.Praem
  • 24/April
    Rev. Fr. Sojan John O.Praem
  • 28/April
    Bro. Joy Baa