Canonical Life

Canonical LifeEmanating from one fundamental concept, our life is a life of ecclesial communion, there flows the entire spiritual and social structure of our Order. This celestial character of our canonical life, as provided by St. Norbert, Our founder, and St Augustine our teacher, moves the members to the communion of the Church which is both already given as gift by Christ, yet always needing to be built up continually in our Communities. This same ecclesial dimension is to come froth in the form of both the worship of God and also in charitable service toward the brethren in the manner specially entrusted to us in our threefold complementary ministries.


Canonical LifeThe ministry of hearing the word of God and preaching. The ministry of celebrating the liturgy and the consecration of the temporal order. The ministry of building up both the ecclesial and human community in love.

  • 03/March
    Rev. Fr. Vijay Jones O.Praem
  • 03/March
    Rev. Fr. Regi Mathew O.Praem
  • 13/March
    Rev. Fr. Ranadhir Mandavathil O.Praem
  • 14/March
    Rev. Fr. Emil Minj O.Praem
  • 15/March
    Rev. Fr. Alois Minj O.Praem
  • 21/March
    Rev. Fr. Thomas Chandy O.Praem
  • 25/March
    Rev. Fr. Joe Louis Noorammakil O.Praem
  • 25/March
    Rev. Fr. Arokiadass.B O.Praem
  • 29/March
    Rev. Fr. Sengole Arockia Doss O.Praem
  • 31/March
    Rev. Fr. Sunil Joseph Kandulna O.Praem
  • 31/March
    Rev. Fr. Antony Samy O.Praem