Community Life

Community LifeThe plan for common outline has been actualized in the complex reality of daily life. To this end we hold to those elements from the canonical tradition of our Order which most effectively promote communion or which serve to promote authentic Christian and religious values, as well as promoting the ecclesiastical mission of our Churches.


  1. The asceticism of Common Life
  2. Common Exercises
  3. Silence and the Cloister
  4. Hospitality
  5. Our Work
  6. A Common storehouse
  7. Courtesy
  8. The Day Order
  9. The Habit
  10. Care of the Sick and Elderly and those of Advanced Age
  11. Prayers and works on behalf of the deceased confreres

  • 05/October
    Bro. Michael Johnson
  • 10/October
    Rev. Fr. Benjamin Francis O.Praem
  • 10/October
    Bro. Able Walter
  • 10/October
    Bro. Nilesh Katare
  • 11/October
    Rev. Fr. Lourduraj O.Praem
  • 13/October
    Rev.Fr. Anil Bara O.Praem
  • 15/October
    Rev. Fr. DeoPrakash O.Praem
  • 16/October
    Rev. Fr. Dharm Kishor O.Praem
  • 19/October
    Rev. Fr. Simon Fredy O.Praem
  • 20/October
    Rev. Fr. John Amalraj O.Praem
  • 24/October
    Rev. Fr. Wilfred Minj O.Praem
  • 27/October
    Rev. Fr. Dinesh Perunilathil O.Praem
  • 29/October
    Rev. Fr. FulgenceBage O.Praem
  • 30/October
    Rev. Fr. Benedict Paul Raj O.Praem