Pastoral Work

Living in “one heart and one mind” that is living in community and inspired by the canonical life of St. Norbert, priests undertake various works. They are as follows:- Parishes, Schools and Social work.


  1. Nirmala Church, Ghamapur
  2. Holy Cross church, VFJ
  3. St. Jude Church, Sagda
  4. Holy Family Church, Adhartal
  5. St. Mary Viennay Church, Damoh
  6. St. Paul Church Vinalaya, Aherwada
  7. St. Norbert Church, Khunti
  8. Holy Family Church, Indore


  1. Nirmala School, Ghamapur
  2. St. Augustine School, Sagda
  3. Holy Cross School. VFJ
  4. Abbot Baeten School, Adharta
  5. St. Nortbert School, Damoh

Social Centres

  1. Bent’s Home Indore
  2. Jogni Rural Self Employment Trainings Centre

Communication Centre

  1. Prem Sanchar

  • 03/January
    Rev. Fr. Arockia Doss O.Praem
  • 05/January
    Rev. Fr. Sunil Tirkey O.Praem
  • 05/January
    Bro. Sujith Michael Tuti
  • 15/January
    Bro. X Anbarasu
  • 18/January
    Rev. Fr. Jerome D’Souza O.Praem
  • 21/January
    Rev. Fr. Xavier Dang O.Praem
  • 21/January
    Rev. Fr. S. Arul Ananndu O.Praem
  • 25/January
    Bro. Roshan Minj
  • 27/January
    Rev. Fr. Bridhichand Nonwer O.Praem