Coat of Arms - About the Emblem

Community LifeThe coat of arms of the Canonry of Jamtara is rich both in symbol and meaning. It is so as to bring into focus the origin, growth and mission of the new Abbey. The STAR - “Stella in Oriente”- Star in the East embedded in water is indicative of the location of the Abbey on the Banks of the River Gaur in Jamtara, the main home of Confreres of St. Norbert Abbey. The Star also signifies the mission of the Abbey as communicated in the motto 'COMMUNIO'- 'Mil Jhul Kar' (in Hindi).

It was the star that led the Magi to Christ. Through this event was manifested the universality of Salvation and the good news that was for all human kind. The Canonry is specially called to communicate the universality of Christ and his message in India, a land divided by caste, creed and languages. The members in and through their common life and apostolate are called to witness to a unity in the richness of diversity.

The Crest (drawn from the Coat of arms of the Abbey of Berne, Heeswijk, The Netherlands) embedded in the Peacock (the Indian National Bird) symbolizes the country in which the spirit of Berne has been planted. The new Abbey of Jamtara owes its origin to the missionary zeal and fervor of the Abbey of Berne. Deep within the hearts of every Indian Norbertine will continue to linger this spirit and life of Berne. The flames within the feathers of the peacock symbolize the ‘Hospitality’ characteristic of the Indian people and special charism of the Norbertine community all over the world.

  • 10/April
    Rev. Fr. Sabu Thomas O.Praem
  • 18/April
    Rev. Fr. Binod Bage O.Praem
  • 19/April
    Bro. Sylvanus Bur
  • 21/April
    Rev. Fr. Bartholomew Minj O.Praem
  • 24/April
    Rev. Fr. Sojan John O.Praem
  • 28/April
    Bro. Joy Baa