Social work (Norbertine social welfare Centre) Jabalpur

Social work (Norbertine social welfare Centre) Jabalpur

Our Vision

'Enable the underprivileged and the deprived to march towards the development and self-reliance.'


  • To undertake educational activities to promote the higher education in rural areas
  • To create a healthy community by supporting health care activities.
  • To take up the social security projects for the better living of the people especially very poor.
  • To engage in welfare and developmental activities to improve the living standard and the general welfare of the poor and the marginalized including widows, children, senior citizens, handicapped etc...
  • To reach out the poor people in need with compassion and care.

The social work team: The Director and the animators

From left, Arjun Kumar, Sudha Mishra, Fr. Reji Mathew, LalitaPrajapati and Karan Patel, the team tries to bring changes in the life of the people whom we care

Social welfare activities

  • Educational programme
  • Medical
  • Social security
  • Economic programme
  • Charitable

Educational Activities

  1. Special Tuition classes
    1. Norbertine social welfare centre organize special evening tuition classes for the rural children to promote their education
  2. Personality Development, through club activities and growth oriented programme for children
  3. Special sponsorship for the education of Female children in the villages
  4. Health care for children and nutritional supplement s to children
  5. Distribution of study materials and cloths among children
  6. Various celebrations and entertainment programme including picnic, group outing etc...


Various Means of Learning


Personality Development Programme


Children Enjoys


Study materials distribution


Child Protection and Special Juvenile police Unit 


Save the Girl Child campaign


We honour and love our girl children by washing their feet( 101 children)


Let’s Go to School


Platform for talent development



We are mainly focused on the prevention of and eradication of the tuberculosis and general medical care (Jeevan Sureksha Yojana)

Medical camps (ENT)



Eradication of Tuberculosis

NSWC, for the last nine years offer our services for the Eradication Tuberculosis in Jabalpur districtunder the eradication of tuberculosis we work in the whole Jabalpur district, very especially in three blocks like, Burgi, Barela and cantonment.  We have helpedmore than thousands of patients. NSWC undertake following programme for the eradication of TB

  • Advocacy, social mobilization and communication ( awareness programme)among the rural, tribal and urban areas
  • Treatment adherence, we promote the treatment of the patient, by reaching the medicines to the patient declared positive either by sputum or other test
  • Training of dots providers for  every villages and their update of the knowledge on Tb by seminars and regular meetings
  • Sputum collection and transport to DMC, we help the patient by offering all services at the door and all process of test and treatment are done by us for them including follow up, treatment for associated sickness etc…
  • Regular home visit and monitoring of the treatment of the patient to avoid the default and confusion
  • Nutritional supplements to Tb patients who are very poor
  • We protect the dignity of the patients and measures for the empowerment of the patients

We fight for the rights and for the proper care of the patients. There is no compromise on this.

Fr. Reji with Doctors (from left second seated)

Our care for TB patients

NSWC helps the treatment of Patient with Plural effusion


Communication & Social Mobilization



Patients are being helped by NSWC


Food materials for Tb patients


The poor family of a tb patient is given food materials.

They did not eat for two day when NSWC met them. It was unbelievable. Parents are TB patients


Food materials for the distribution


Training of the Dots Providers


Dots proverder is given honaraium for their service by NWSC


We honour our Dots providers with gifts

Nswc has been rendering our services to the Tb patients through various activities. We treat our people (patients) with dignity and respect. We stand for therights patients so we had to face many consequences yet we continue the same and we are not frightened by anybody. 

Social security projects

Complete sanitation project

1. Wecould make four villages,clean villages by constructing more than four hundred twenty-five individual toilets. It bags an award from the President of the Republic (Clean Village)

2. Construction of bore wells, more than eight bore wells were dug for the safe drinking water in the villages

3. Housing; thirteen houses were constructed for the poor, widows, handicapped and chronically sick people in the villages


Charitable Activities




We also help people in urgent need of money, materials, support, advice etc…

  1. Weprovide very special care for the funeral services of the poor villagers
  2. We provide our vehicle to transport the patients to hospital even at midnight
  3. We help the marriage of the very poor girls of the parents
  4. Educational Help to the very poor students for their higher education
  5. Care for some very specially selected senior citizens and widows in the village
  6. Save the Girl children Campaign
  7. JananiSammanprogramme (honour the motherhood)

Blankets are distributed among senior citizens by NSWC

A handicapped girl is being helped by the society (NSWC)

NSWC saves the life of man thrown at the road side

Food items for the poor

Economic activities


We also promote the Self-help group and economic activities in the villages for the economic empowerment of the women

Programme for senior citizens


We are able to do lot work for the betterment of the lives of the people because of the support, care, love and financial support of our noble Benefactors and friends. We owe them the credit of achievements for they trust us and teach us how to be more dedicated and responsible. Thank you so much for accepting as your partner in the service. We promise always remain sincere and accountable.

Be our partner in helping the very needy!

We can be a mediator for your love!

  • 10/April
    Rev. Fr. Sabu Thomas O.Praem
  • 18/April
    Rev. Fr. Binod Bage O.Praem
  • 19/April
    Bro. Sylvanus Bur
  • 21/April
    Rev. Fr. Bartholomew Minj O.Praem
  • 24/April
    Rev. Fr. Sojan John O.Praem
  • 28/April
    Bro. Joy Baa