The objectives of our formation program is to bring about harmonious growth of fraters into mature human and Christian person according to the gospel of Christ, the rule of St. Augustine, the constitutions of the order of Premontre and in service of the church and religious life.

All through out the year emphasis is given to the learning of the required languages. The candidates will also be taught catechism, reading and writing skills, computer and Music and be introduced to the liturgy and the Breviary. On the whole it is aimed at the human formation of the candidates.

Competent persons and infrastructures like language lab is provided to make the candidate competent in language. The subjects taught include spirituality, preliminary principles of liturgy, English prose and language, general knowledge introduction to religious life, introduction to bible, methodology, phonetics and music. The candidates will also be imparted the rudimentary knowledge and gradual initiation into the various spiritual exercises.

(The canonical period): The candidates are vested with the religious habit on their entry into the novitiate. Training is given for competence, fidelity and devotion in all the spiritual exercises, especially Eucharist and divine office.

During these years the juniors will follow the courses in philosophy and could also obtain a university degree on any of UG courses.

The regents are placed in Norbertine communities or institutions to gain skill, knowledge and experience. The selection of place for regency is kept according to the taste of the candidate and need of the canonry. Their fields of apostolate could be in schools, parishes, boarding, formation and social work.

The theology course, which covers four years prior to the ordination to the priesthood could be done while staying in the Norbertine study houses. During this time, all those who are due for the solemn profession will have to apply to the Abbot and council for the same one year in advance. The candidates will have to undergo one–month preparation course prior to their final vows. All will complete their studies/ course in theology within the four years before the ordination.

Our Houses of Formation

  1. St. Norbert Minor Seminary, Hansa, Khunti, Jharkhand.
  2. St. Norbert Anbhagam, Trichy, Tamil Nadu.
  3. St. Norbert Ashram, Ayathil, Kollam, Kerala.
  4. St. Norbert Abbey, Jamtara, Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh.
  5. St. Norbert Study House, Seminary Hill, Nagpur, Maharasrtra.
  6. Norbertine Study House, Wadgaonsheri, Pune, Maharashtra. 

  • 10/April
    Rev. Fr. Sabu Thomas O.Praem
  • 18/April
    Rev. Fr. Binod Bage O.Praem
  • 19/April
    Bro. Sylvanus Bur
  • 21/April
    Rev. Fr. Bartholomew Minj O.Praem
  • 24/April
    Rev. Fr. Sojan John O.Praem
  • 28/April
    Bro. Joy Baa