Support us

Our Dear friends we are in need of your support to continue the good work we stared with your blessing and financial help. We look forward you with outstretched arms; you can help in any form: either or all

  • By your sincere and continuous prayers 
  • Good wishes and by being with us 
  • Technical and material knowledge to support  the programme 
  • Financial aid for the activities 
  • Loving advice 
  • Materials like food items for Tb patients, common medicines, old or new cloths, books etc... 
  • You can give us anything which useful for the use of poor. 
  • Encourage us to take up more work 
  • Partnership with us

Looking eagerly to hear your valuable suggestions

You can contact us through below given email id's/phone or through our contact form click here

Phone: +91 942 431 2987

  • 03/March
    Rev. Fr. Vijay Jones O.Praem
  • 03/March
    Rev. Fr. Regi Mathew O.Praem
  • 13/March
    Rev. Fr. Ranadhir Mandavathil O.Praem
  • 14/March
    Rev. Fr. Emil Minj O.Praem
  • 15/March
    Rev. Fr. Alois Minj O.Praem
  • 21/March
    Rev. Fr. Thomas Chandy O.Praem
  • 25/March
    Rev. Fr. Joe Louis Noorammakil O.Praem
  • 25/March
    Rev. Fr. Arokiadass.B O.Praem
  • 29/March
    Rev. Fr. Sengole Arockia Doss O.Praem
  • 31/March
    Rev. Fr. Sunil Joseph Kandulna O.Praem
  • 31/March
    Rev. Fr. Antony Samy O.Praem