Praem Parivar, Jamtara Norbertines Newsletter released on Canonry Day, Feb. 15, 2018.

Canonry of Jamtara, India, Celebrated its Canonry day on February 15, 2018. Rt. Rev. Marcus Champia, O.Praem, The Abbot released a PRAEM PARIVAR, Jamtara Norbertines Newsletter, February – March 2018, Vol.16 by the Editorial Team. Mrs. Joke van Zutphen, the director, Stichting Solidair Met India received the first copy.

Praem Parivar {PP} is an Indian name for the Newsletter of Canonry of Jamtar, India. Parivar means “ Family”  and Praem Privar means “NORBERTINE FAMILY” of the Canonry of Jamtar, India. PP is published four times in a year and it contains news and views of Norbertine Communities in India.  

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