It is a happy moment to inform you all that we are celebrating 25 years of service through BBH and its existence in Indore diocese. My proposal is to expand this very unique ministry to some other place as well in remembrance of this 25 years milestone.

Bents Home is the place for the upliftment of the tribal boys those who want to come up in life. Our house aims to promote, develop and disseminate good practice in social work with a particular emphasis on Earn while you learn. This practice is an essential part of life. We wish to contribute to the development and provision of high quality education and accommodation in a number of ways - through direct contact, led by skilled practitioners, to individuals and organisations, by offering training and development in group and individual supervision.

In January 2017 the number of inmates was 32. The boys and their needs are increasing caseloads. At the end of December 2016, there were 35 boys in care, a figure higher than at any point since 1993. Thereasons for these increases are varied and complex.

Existing career pathways are confusing, and the current provision of continuing professional development and post-qualifying training is inadequate and inconsistent. This report is a valuable contribution in its own right to the motto of the house and we hope that it will be the basis, alongside other current initiatives around the cannonry, of a considerable 'push' to strengthen this vital aspect of upliftment.



Joining hands with Government programme


Central Government

There are so many schemes that are provided for the youth of our country by the central Government. The new scheme that is being carried out throughout our country is Pradhan Mantri Vikas Yojana. Under this policy we have send three boys for training in different field. They are under training now.


Jharkhand Government

This particular state Government is providing to their state poor boys those who wanted a skilled training in any part of our country. Thus we have sent 5 boys this year as well to Vellore for ITI in Tamil Nadu.


Madhya Pradesh

M.P Government joining hands with some private sectors under corporate responsibility scheme started a skilled training programme for the M.P boys. Three of our boys were sent and had finished training and they are all placed in different companies in different parts of our country.



Education is central to sustainable development and constitutes the pathway to a life of dignity for all. Over the past four years, the Reform has been vehicle for change at three key levels - policy, strategy structural and individual capacity developmental level. Thus we had promoted boys those who are able to carry out the professional studies like B.A, B.Com and Computer courses


My skills my future

Finding a job can be a challenge for youth. They must determine what careers are available, what their interests are, and what skills they have or need to develop. Numerous resources are available to help youth get a sense of their interest and skills as well as gain employment experience and learn about employment opportunities. Thus they are getting trained in Automobile, Electricals, Electronics training and etc...

Today more than ever, companies are maximizing their human capital by providing the right skills at the right time for the right people. Embracing the right level of IT training, enablement and engagement can dramatically reduce attrition. To make our training more impactful, we developed a new approach. With a new partner-led model, we believe our training will be accessible in more companies.



I owe my sincere gratitude to Achterstandsjeugd Foundation & Missieprocuur, Holland, for their helpful gestures.