Study Materials were distributed to poor children of Jamtara and Paraswara village by Abbot Marcus Champia, O.Praem.

Distribution of study materials to the poor children of Jamtara & Paraswara village has always been a huge contribution to those poor around our Abbey at Jamtara.

Fr. Reji, the social work coordinator of the Canonry and his committed staff leave no stone unturned to carry forward the objectives of the mission. There were over 250 children who were given this help and support. This not only helps these children to have a decent life but also instills in them the importance of education as well.

Abbot Marcus Champia and Prior Fr. Deo Prakash were present for the event and did the honours by distributing the materials to the children.

We place in record our gratitude to the Missie Procuur for its constant support in carrying forward such activities and thank you to Fr. M. Francis Xavier for his coordination and encouragement.