UPCOMING EVENT: Canonry Chapter of Elections to be held from 27th February until 1st March, 2015.

The Canonry of Jamtara will be witnessing soon yet another election of Abbot from 27th Feb until 1st March 2015 at St. Norbert Abbey, Jamtara as Abbot Benzes Thomas would be completing his six years tenure in the respective office. 

Abbot General Rt. Rev. Thomas Handgratinger, himself along with Abbot Denis Hendrikx, the Abbot the Abbey of Berne Holland will be present to preside over the elections. It will be an home-coming experience for all Jamtara Norbertines across India and abroad.


27th Feb - Retreat
28th Feb - Retreat
01st March - Elections

Prayer in Preparation of CANONRY CHAPTER OF ELECTIONS - 2015